ALD 2019 & ALE 2019 The AVS 19th International Conference on Atomic Layer Deposition (ALD 2019) featuring the 6th International Atomic Layer Etching Workshop (ALE 2019) will be a three-day meeting dedicated to the science and technology of atomic layer controlled deposition of thin films and now topics related to atomic layer etching.
Symposium The power of aberration corrected transmission electron microscopy in materials ­science To celebrate the inauguration of our ZIAM electron microscopy center including:
  • Themis Z double aberration corrected and monochromated S/TEM
  • Helios G4 dual beam (FIB-SEM) system
  • Nova NanoSEM
Confirmed invited speakers:
  • Prof. Rafal Dunin-Borkowski (Jülich)
  • Prof. Gertjan Koster (Twente)
  • Prof. Beatriz Noheda (Groningen)
  • Dr. Marcel Verheijen (Eindhoven)
  • Dr. Marijn van Huis (Utrecht)
Host: Prof. Bart J. Kooi (Groningen,

For registration and up-to-date info on the program, see
PLATHINIUM (PlAsma THin film INternational Union Meeting) PLATHINIUM (Plasma Thin film International Union Meeting) is the result of merging of three international conferences, namely the Conferences on Plasmas (CIP), on Thin films (ITFPC), and on Magnetron, Ion processing & Arc technologies (MIATEC).
Nationale Cleanroom Dag Nieuwe en (meer) ervaren vakgenoten/cleanroomspecialisten kunnen kennis opdoen en uitbreiden door het volgen van een dagprogramma met lezingen, workshops en praktijkcases, tijdens de Nationale Cleanroom Dag. Op de informatiemarkt is een brede vertegenwoordiging van bedrijven en dienstverleners in de cleanroombranche.
Locatie: Congrescentrum Spant!, Bussum
VacuumExpo Exhibition. Training. Conference.
Connect with suppliers, attend training courses, see what's new!
Vacuum Expo is a free event that brings the whole supply chain together under the one roof: supplier companies, consultants, universities, science groups and innovative newcomers.
For applications in Accelerator Science, Analytical, R & D, Automotive, Coating, Solar, Wind, Metallurgy, Food & Packaging, Pharmaceuticals, Process Industries, Space Technology Utilities and many more.
The Vacuum Expo exhibition enables you to research solutions, examine technologies and investigate applications for the many different uses in research and industry.

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