Clean 2020: schoon ontwerpen, produceren, assembleren en verpakken De laatste ontwikkelingen en best practices centraal
Sprekers uit de industrie, wetenschap en onderzoek presenteren nieuwe ontwikkelingen, proces- en kostenoptimalisatie en kwaliteitscontrole en delen met u best-practice-toepassingen.
Fysica 2020 FYSICA is the annual physics conference of the Netherlands' Physical Society (NNV). Each year the NNV organises FYSICA in cooperation with a Dutch university, in 2020 with Universiteit Twente.
NEVAC-dag 2020 The NEVAC-day 2020 will be at ARCNL in Amsterdam, Friday 15 May.
Organisation: Jan Verhoeven, Roland Bliem and Joost Frenken.
Keynote speaker: Ulrike Diebold (Vienna).
More details will follow.

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Keep it short. Use a subtitle if necessary.

First name and family name of all authors, followed by address and email.

Maximum 150 words, describing the content of the paper.

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Maximum 2000 words, including introduction. Use paragraph headers after more or less every 300 words. End with conclusions.

Use SI units. Explain deviating units. Explain symbols. Use italic typesetting for symbols.

Use boxes
NEVAC blad readers are researchers, students and technicians. Use boxes for specialist scientific or technical details and formulas, so that average readers can understand the tenor of your story. Don't forget to mention details of your vacuum equipment; use diagrammes and photo's.

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Master students and PhD students will receive € 250,- for published articles.

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