Clean Event Design, production, assembly and packaging An experts view on cleanliness
The cleaning of components is one of the critical steps in modern production processes. Whether it comes to ensuring the required cleanliness for subsequent steps in the process, or guaranteeing the quality and functionality of the component to be cleaned, the cleaning of components is a crucial step in many industries, such as metal working and processing, automotive, medical technology, and aerospace.
AVS Webinar: Atomic Layer Deposition from an Applications Location: Virtual/Online


Over the last two decades Atomic Layer Deposition (ALD) has become a key enabling method with a multitude of applications benefiting from the (ultra)thin films that can be prepared with precise thickness control and with unparalleled uniformity and conformality on substrates with a demanding surface topology.

In this webinar the method of ALD will be presented with a focus on various applications of ALD: both in the lab and in the fab; from high volume manufacturing to niche markets; from emerging technologies to proof-of-concepts. Special attention will be given to the key features that ALD provides for these specific applications as well as the associated ALD configurations and types of equipment.
91st IUVSTA Workshop “Surface Chemistry of Catalytic Systems” Rehevot, Israel
Chemical reactions occurring at the solid/gas and solid/liquid interfaces control the functionality of a variety of energy materials used in fuel cells, batteries, and catalysts. Development of various tools that enables collecting spectroscopy and microscopy data at the molecular level and at the lower nanometer scale is essential for providing new insights into chemical reactions on energy-related interfaces. The workshop will focus on the recent technical developments of spectroscopy and microscopy techniques and their utilization for basic understanding of energy materials. More specifically, this workshop will explore the development of ambient pressure x-ray and vibrational spectroscopies and scanning probe microscopies, and their utilization on monitoring the surface reactions on heterogeneous catalysts.
60 jaar NEVAC Het zestigjarig bestaan van de NEVAC wordt gevierd in Museum Boerhaave in Leiden.
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Fysica 2022 In 2022 FYSICA will take place on Friday 22 April. Block this date in your diary!

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Applied Vacuum Technology Training
This course is exclusively for Master students, PhD students and Post-doctoral researchers in Physics and Chemistry at Universities. Currently this training is fully booked.

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