ALD-ALE 2021 The AVS 21st International Conference on Atomic Layer Deposition (ALD 2021) featuring the 8th International Atomic Layer Etching Workshop (ALE 2021) will be a three-day meeting dedicated to the science and technology of atomic layer controlled deposition of thin films and now topics related to atomic layer etching. Since 2001, the ALD conference has been held alternately in the United States, Europe and Asia, allowing fruitful exchange of ideas, know-how and practices between scientists. This year, the ALD conference will again incorporate the Atomic Layer Etching 2021 Workshop (ALE 2021), so that attendees can interact freely. The conference will take place Sunday, June 27-Wednesday, June 30, 2021, at the JW Marriott Tampa Water Street in Tampa, Florida.
VCCN Minisymposium Product Cleanliness High Tech Campus Eindhoven

Suppliers are increasingly being asked to deliver clean products to OEM companies (Original Equipment Manufacturer). Because there is a need for a definition of how clean the product must be, VCCN set up the Nano, Micro, Product Cleanliness project group in 2017. This working group consists of OEM companies, suppliers and knowledge companies. Soon after the working group started, there was a need to develop a guideline so that everyone speaks the same language with regard to product cleanliness. With the help of OEM companies, who set requirements for the cleanliness of the product, they are energetically working on drawing up VCCN Guideline 12.

In this mini-symposium, experts present the progress of VCCN Guideline 12 and provide substantive contributions. The speakers will be:

Koos Agricola, project manager VCCN Guideline 12
Philip van Beek, Contamination Q&A, VCCN
Max van de Berg, Festo
Rients de Groot, Thermo Fisher Scientific
Paul Krüsemann, Eurofins Material Science Netherlands B.V.
Freek Molkenboer, TNO
Olof Teulings, NTS Mechatronics
Dirk Trienekens, ASML Netherlands B.V.

The chairman of the day is Philip van Beek, co-initiator of the Nano, Micro, Product Cleanliness project group.
AVS 67th International Symposium & Exhibition The AVS International Symposium and Exhibition has been developed to address cutting-edge issues associated with vacuum science and technology in both the research and manufacturing communities. The Symposium is a week long forum for science and technology exchange featuring papers from technical divisions and technology groups, and topical conferences on emerging technologies. The equipment exhibition is one of the largest in the world and provides an excellent opportunity to view the latest products and services offered by over 200 participating companies. More than 3,000 scientists and engineers gather from around the world to attend. Short courses are offered in conjunction with the International Symposium providing specialized training in specific areas of vacuum science and related technologies. A Career Workshop and Job Center are also offered to all attendees. The Workshop covers such topics as résumé preparation, job search skills, networking, interviewing skills, and more. The Job Center provides the opportunity for job seekers to submit their résumés and meet with potential employers.

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Ieder jaar reikt de NEVAC een prijs uit van 1000 euro voor het beste ingezonden artikel voor het NEVAC blad, geschreven door studenten en promovendi. Het artikel moet gaan over eigen onderzoek waarin het gebruik van vacuümtechniek wordt toegelicht. De deadline is ieder jaar op 1 februari. De winnaar mag een lezing geven tijdens de NEVAC-dag. Er wordt één winnaar aangewezen door de jury, maar alle gepubliceerde artikelen van studenten en promovendi worden door de NEVAC beloond met 250 euro.

Winnaars NEVAC-prijs
2020: Brian Baker (RU Groningen)
2019: Tahsin Faraz (TU Eindhoven)
2018: Peter Jacobse (Universiteit Utrecht)
2017: Stein van Eden (DIFFER)
2016: Martijn Vos (TU Eindhoven)
2015: Jaap Kautz en Johannes Jobst (Universiteit Leiden)
2014: Ronald van Leeuwen (TU Delft)
2013: Bart Macco (TU Eindhoven) en Marko Sturm (M2i en DIFFER)
2012: Bas Dielissen (TU Eindhoven) en Fred Schenkel (Universiteit Leiden)
2011: Sander Roobol (Universiteit Leiden)

NEVAC-prijs 2022
Studenten en promovendi kunnen in 2022 weer 1000 euro winnen: de NEVAC-prijs voor het beste ingezonden artikel – met een omvang van ongeveer 2000 woorden – over eigen onderzoek waarin het gebruik van vacuümtechniek wordt toegelicht. Stuur het artikel uiterlijk 1 februari 2022 naar De winnaar mag een lezing geven tijdens de 60-ste NEVAC-dag op 13 april 2022 in Rijksmuseum Boerhaave in Leiden. Dat is goed voor de outreach van je groep in de richting van de vacuümtechnische gemeenschap in Nederland.
Er wordt één winnaar aangewezen door de jury, maar alle gepubliceerde artikelen van studenten en promovendi worden door de NEVAC beloond met 250 euro. Niet-Nederlandstalige studenten mogen een Engelstalig artikel insturen. Kijk hier voor uitgebreide richtlijnen.
Ken je iemand die het NEVAC blad niet leest en wel een toepasselijk artikel kan schrijven, wijs die persoon dan op de mogelijkheid om deel te nemen.

NEVAC Prize 2022
Each year the Dutch Vacuum Society (NEVAC) awards a prize of 1000 Euro to the student who writes the best article, related to vacuum technology, for the NEVAC blad. The article (around 2000 words), should describe your research and focus on the vacuum technology used. The readers of the magazine are researchers, vacuum technology company members, and technicians. Your assignment is to write an appealing story for this wide audience.
The winner is invited to present the winning paper during the 60th NEVAC-dag in Rijksmuseum Boerhaave in Leiden, 13 April 2022.
Only one winner will be appointed, but NEVAC rewards all published articles, written by students, with 250 Euro.
If Dutch is not your native language, you are allowed to write in English.
The next deadline is 1 Februari 2022. Send your contribution to:
Guidelines for the article are published here.

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