Een cleanroom alleen is niet genoeg, bewustwording over specificaties en reinigingsstappen zijn complexe vraagstukken die vanuit een totaal perspectief bekeken moeten worden. Deelnemers aan het congres krijgen waardevolle informatie die helpt bij het nemen van de juiste beslissingen en het doen van de juiste investeringen om te voldoen aan gevraagde reinheidseisen.
Het Clean Event verbindt professionals uit de gehele keten rondom industriële reinheid om samen de uitdagingen aan te gaan, kennis te delen en ervaringen uit te wisselen. Bezoekers van het event ontmoeten leveranciers van industriële schoonmaakdiensten, -systemen en -producten gericht op: natte reinigingsprocessen, thermische reinigingsprocessen, speciale reinigingsprocessen en -toepassingen, mechanische reinigingsprocessen, cleanrooms en benodigdheden
Het programma voor de NEVAC-dag is nog in ontwikkeling. Dit jaar bundelt het NEVAC-bestuur de krachten met de Leidse instrumentmakers School (LiS). Aansluitend op de NEVAC-dag organiseert de LiS een van hun inspiratieavonden, waarbij LiS-alumni, studenten en docenten worden uitgenodigd om technische workshops bij te wonen.
Een van de plannen is om een workshop over vacuüm te geven. Deze combinatie met de NEVAC-dag, inclusief de gebruikelijke bedrijvenbeurs, biedt de NEVAC de mogelijkheid om jong technisch talent warm te maken voor vacuümtechnologie.
The joint European conference provides scientists, researchers and engineers from across Europe, and working in academia, national labs and industry, the opportunity to meet and discuss the latest advances in the physics and chemistry of surfaces as well as their industrial application. It is a forum to discuss the progress of surface science in related innovation fields such as heterogeneous catalysis, organic molecular nano-architectures, two-dimensional materials and graphene, nanoelectronics, bio-nanoscience and functional and energy materials studied both using theoretical and experimental methods.
24th International Conference on Atomic Layer Deposition (ALD 2024)/ 11th International Atomic Layer Etching Workshop (ALE 2024) Helsinki, Finland
The AVS 24th International Conference on Atomic Layer Deposition (ALD 2024) featuring the 11th International Atomic Layer Etching Workshop (ALE 2024) will be a three-day meeting dedicated to the science and technology of atomic layer controlled deposition of thin films and now topics related to atomic layer etching. Since 2001, the ALD conference has been held alternately in the United States, Europe and Asia, allowing fruitful exchange of ideas, know-how and practices between scientists. This year, the ALD conference will again incorporate the Atomic Layer Etching 2024 Workshop (ALE 2024), so that attendees can interact freely.

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Vacuum Science and Technology

Vacuum Science and Technology (VST) is a fully new international edition of the Dutch standard work Basisboek Vacuümtechniek, first published in 2000 by the Dutch Vacuum Society NEVAC and with two reprints since a real “bestseller” in the Dutch language region.
The 726-page book contains all 21st century innovations in the vacuum domain. The authors have added important novelties on pumps (incl. MDP/side channelpump and new variants in sputter-ion pumps), pressure measurement (quartz crystal friction gauge, 3B ion gauge) and partial pressure gauges (autoresonant mass spectrometer). The section on leak detection is totally revised. More focus is on counterflow leak detectors, whose maximum achievable sensitivity has increased significantly in the past decade. Two new inside-out leak detection methods are presented, namely the atmosphere method and ‘bombing’. The arsenal of available leak detection instruments has been extended with multigas sniffer systems, hydrogen leak detector and quartz window sensor. The section on cleaning procedures has been adapted to the changed understandings in this area and more focused on complete vacuum systems. Finally, a number of figures has been added or renewed. All in all, the book forms an indispensable resource for researchers, engineers, maintenance staff and sales managers concerned with vacuum-related topics. Throughout the volume, all relevant physical models and present day technology receive ample attention.
Eighteen years of use of the Dutch version in dozens of vacuum courses in the Dutch language region have implicitly proven Vacuum Science and Technology to be not only an excellent reference work but as well an outstanding text book, by its unique graded setup perfectly suited for (combined) higher and secondary level trainings. Exercises are included in two degrees of difficulty. Course participants will experience the book as a synthesis of 'in depth' vacuum physics and modern practice.
VST is also available as a fully updated e-book. Easy to install on smartphone, tablet, laptop or PC, so you will always and everywhere have a source of information about vacuum topics at hand. Additional advantage of an e-book above offset publication: updates are easily available. Since its first release in 2017 the e-version has been supplemented or changed on some welcome points, such as for instance the inclusion of all fully worked solutions to the chapter exercises. This to further enhance the book's quality as an excellent manual for courses and self-study.
The Dutch Vacuum Society NEVAC awards the book her quality mark 'Under the auspices of NEVAC', thus giving appropriate content to one of its key objectives, namely the dissemination of knowledge in the field of vacuum science and technology.
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